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Custom STEM Education Kits

If you work in education, you know the value of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields in the modern world. STEM subjects are essential in helping students develop critical thinking skills, such as problem-solving and evidence evaluation, that transfer over to many other facets of life. STEM education is also the basis for many fast-growing, lucrative and essential jobs, such as computer science and engineering, so it’s no wonder teachers and education professionals want to emphasize it in their classrooms.

A great way to focus on STEM skills is to implement exciting, hands-on learning experiences within a curriculum. At AquaPhoenix Education, we make this possible and simple by providing engaging STEM learning kits that work in tandem with your lessons and unit plans. Simply tell us what you’d like to include and we’ll take care of the rest, letting you spend less time on logistics and more time on the big picture.

What Is a STEM Kit?

A STEM education kit contains all of the supplies necessary to conduct various activities that align with a classroom’s curriculum, providing students with hands-on, real-world experience. Because the subjects are so wide-reaching, you’ll find STEM kits that cover a vast selection of topics, from basic anatomy and engineering principles to the makeup of the different layers of the Earth. A STEM kit might have students create or touch physical representations of learning topics, watch chemical reactions as they occur or experience the effects of physics in real life.

We can create STEM kits for nearly any topic, curriculum or age group. Tell us what you need and we will provide an economical solution.

STEM Education Kits From AquaPhoenix Education

At AquaPhoenix Education, we create high-quality, affordable STEM education kits that align with your curriculum, delivering powerful hands-on experiences that further students’ learning. We do this through certified processes and a highly trained staff of education professionals, engineers, biologists and more. To learn more about what our STEM learning kits can do for your curriculum and classrooms, contact us today!

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