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Custom Science School Supply Kits

Science makes the world go ’round — literally! It’s a critical part of our children’s education that helps to explain how their environments work, from the biology of the microscopic cells within their bodies to the movement of the planets. Science subjects are an excellent opportunity to incorporate hands-on learning experiences that help students get more from their education. Whether using popsicle sticks and string or petri dishes and chemicals, hands-on science activities can require many different materials. These can be hard to find, pricy and time-consuming to assemble.

To make it easy on curriculum providers and teachers, we offer a wide range of custom school science supply kits for nearly any topic or grade level. We’ll source all of the supplies and design, build and ship the kit, taking care of the logistics so you can focus on the bigger picture.

What You Get With Our School Science Supply Kits

Science lab supplies can run the gamut depending on the students’ age level and subject. Kindergarteners learning about animal life might use things like clay, pipe cleaners and toy creatures to create a mock habitat, while sixth graders might use different chemicals to create colorful, fascinating crystals that display various properties.

We offer science lab supplies for teachers based on the curriculum at hand. Our professionals work closely with the curriculum developer to create kits that contain easy-to-use and well-organized school science supplies. Teachers can leave supply procurement to us and work on teaching students as best they can.

What Makes AquaPhoenix Different?

Here at AquaPhoenix Education, we take the burden off of the curriculum provider and teacher by handling everything from development to shipping. Science lab supplies from AquaPhoenix Education are:

  • Cost-effective: We thoroughly research the products we source to find the best prices. Many of these are wholesale laboratory supplies, providing lower costs that translate to significant savings.
  • High-quality: We ensure that the items we provide work as intended via thorough product research and kit testing during the entire process, both internally and through third-party evaluations. Our processes are even certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which speaks to the level of care we strive for with each of our educational kits.
  • Delivered in a complete, easy-to-use package: Everything comes in a neat package, so teachers can simply open the box and start their experiments. The kit is stocked with just what is needed — nothing more, nothing less — for simplicity and convenience.

Reach Out Today to Order Science Supplies for Teachers

Take advantage of our access to wholesale laboratory supplies and lean production processes that provide ready-to-use kits fully aligned with your curriculum. Our professional staff of experts, including in-house biologists and chemists, can help deliver school science supplies for nearly any topic and grade level.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom school science supply kits or start developing one for your curriculum.

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